Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sneak Peek: Colors for the Ascendant, Issue 2

Work on book 2 of The Ascendant is coming along very well! If we continue at this pace, we should have things complete well before our next appearance at Boston Comic Con in April. Here are the first three colored pages to feast your eyes on. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

SuperMegaFest Part 2

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and is now bracing themselves for the flurry that is the holiday season (get ready to see a million Mercedes commercials with Santa. Does anyone really give a car for Christmas? How do you fit it under the tree?). I thought I would post a few more of the SuperMegaFest pics while they are still relatively relevant. Hope you enjoy them, there are some more great costumes!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SuperMegaFest Pics and Commentary

As some of you may know, we were at SuperMegaFest in Framingham, MA this weekend. We had a great time meeting other comic book fans from the Boston area and seeing all the fantastic costumes people wore. I wish I had taken a picture of the hotel itself, which looked like a castle. What better place for a comic book convention?

I would like to also take a moment to say thanks to Rosita from TNA who was nice enough to stop by and pick our raffle winner. She even took a moment to snap a pic with the three of us.

Like any good con, we saw some fantastic cosplayers. Here is part one of some awesome costumes. One of my personal favorites was Cobra Commander in the Ascendant pose. He even had the voice modulator to go with the costume.

Kraven was spot on too, he had a growl that woke the room up. Scared the hell out of Alex.

There were some great Star Wars costumes too. When I couldn't remember the right term, CB reminded me it is Snowtrooper. Thanks CB!

We of course saw many lovely ladies, too many to take pictures of, not that I didn't try.

And what con would be complete without The Riddler?

And finally a quick pic of Alex. I swear the guy next to him was only five ten. Thanks to everyone for making this a fun and memorable experience!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Work on The Ascendant issue two has begun!

As some of you know, The Ascendant is a seven part limited series staring Cail, an escaped Duke of Hell who is sending other escaped demons and devils back to hell the only way he knows how, violently. We are now in the middle of producing book two. To whet your appetite for more, here are the first five pages of completed pencils that Chris Hanchey, hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Video interview: #NYCC 2012 @PantherPitt

And the long awaited interview. It was put on hold because Sandy the Super-Storm that was, and still is, a super pain in the ass. Never thought the protected shores of Connecticut would ever have been so devastated but things are changing. But that's not what this is about. Enjoy the video interview of Mark Frankel from the New York Comic-Con 2012 talking about our projects and Aegis Creative Enterprises. And some pictures of us: Mark, Josh and Alex.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NYCC Cosplay pics: Enjoy.

Since the poem/photo post bombed, I'm just going to keep it simple and post some picture from the New York Comic-Con for your viewing pleasure.

Guess who?

Macho Man Randy Savage was a favorite and the dude had his mannerisms down.

The theme song to Super Mario bros. was going through my head all day.

This was an elegant costume and her makeup was perfect. The hair sold it though.

Back to the Future meets Beetlejuice as Marty McFly was right on time and we didn't even have to say Beetlejuice three times to get him to appear.

It's Grey Becker picking a winner of the t-shirt raffle. He looks so happy doesn't he? Why my face is squished up? I have no idea.

A bit of the old Red, White and Blue. I don't think that's regulation for Captain America but we'll let it slide. This time.

Her colored contacts were creepy but then again not many dudes were looking at her eyes.

Yes I know it's not at the con, but I'm proud of my dog Ziggy as he qualified for Westminster.

So thanks for taking a look and please feel free to check out the superhero spoof web-comic strip and at the top right there's a box with links to the comics The Ascendant and Horsemen. Also have a look the YA paranormal novel The Cell as a link to that is up there also. It's about a 17 year old comic book artist who loses his way until a call comes from beyond the grave.

And if you happen to be on Facebook, you can "like" the pages for The Cell, The Ascendant and Horsemen.


Friday, October 19, 2012

#NYCC review: part 2. Poem style w/photos

A con review poem and pictures of the New York Comic-Con included.

NYCC redux

The hoard of faces smiled, sneered and looked
away with purple eyes and lips dried by passion
They descended bearing gifts, donned in leather and lace
holstered guns gleaming soft lights dangled by their sides
ancient swords slung across backs weary with waiting
but they found the desired cut.

Orcs and Batman fought over the essence
called autographs as
Wolverine, The cast of Bleach, and Lex Luthor
texted to allies where Bruce Campbell and Stan Lee
were spotted roaming though the last bastion called
the V.I.P. lounge

Loki danced with Thor's friends
as the revelry of Asgard fell among mortals
the rainbow bridge Bifrost was
laid flat upon a stretch of New York City
that day.

Certainly Spider-Man crawled the walls
waiting in line for the bathroom but
few villains, even Dr. Evil, tried to sabotage
the celebration of individuation.

Hayao Miyazaki would have been proud
that Princess Mononoke protected
this forest of dreams as the play
and themes slipped out from the seams.

It was creation.
It was celebration.
It was pageantry.
It was mystery.
It was joy.

There were giveaways.

There were more.

And we, one and all, all and one
put on faces for the faces that we would meet
and through Artist Alley's transient streets
we gorged upon the delight of others who willingly
sacrificed time for our viewing pleasure.

With all good things, an ending is sure to come
but memories with such insolence will
not fade when burned so brightly
from the flash and awe of those
who risk to become gods
even if for only a day.

In the end, a beginning...    

And never get between a chicken and his bounty.

Yes. I posted that photo before
but it 


By Joshua

In the enda beginning