Monday, August 6, 2012

Raising funds: here we come NY ComicCon 2012

The time for Indiegogo has come. Here's a link to our new project profile on Indiegogo where grand and generous people go to aid their fellow man with their creative endeavours.

You will find a video of Mark and myself imploring the good folks out in the cyberlands to come and take a peek at The Ascendant and Horsemen, two limited series comic books. There are cool perks for pledges at reasonable amounts. Seriously. You can get some good stuff for $7 and under.

The goal we have isn't even close to the costs accrued just for artists' fees, which is more than a few thousand dollars. We are glad to put our own money into the project but without support we won't be able to progress and bring the wonderful people of Earth the next issues.

Please have a look. There are links to additional resources and content as well as personal videos from both Mark and I. Give if you can. Even if it means a Facebook "like". We appreciate it all wholeheartedly.



PS: here's free porn for your reading pelasure. Did I write free porn? Sorry. I meant free poem ;)

Pathetic fallacy
Yellow ebbs and breaches the rounded edge
as potent whispers of magnesium white light
gasp and burn the mist of the greedy morning
New sprouts and shoots search
Among the vast verdant vistas
to view, a stronger sun shining
silently eating the splendor of another
revolution as the heat’s and hell’s
fury is called forth, invoked
to illuminate the path
the plow must follow the fold
of the soil as it releases its
eager moisture.
The sun at its longest hour
seethes and spasms
With reluctant annoyance
as reserved animosity rises
for the parched plants and animals
hiding in the shade.